International transportation procurement and logistic services

In 2004, four people decided to join their forces to improve their experiences and professionalism on the Project management and services, something different of all the others existing networks , where we can offer a strong reliable network to our customers , with trusted selected members, professional companies fully involved with this specific focus on projects for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, Power, Water treatment, Mining, special handling and transportation activities .

WPG is owned by its members equally , a group of independent companies with special focus on projects . The WPG intends to consolidate Members’ project management experience to develop a formal method of cooperation between members and thereby serve its customers more effectively .

The Board members elected are tasked with securing qualified members, maintaining the website, enhancing new business for its members, organizing the annual meeting and others professional events, as directed by the membership.

The World Project Group was formed at Singapore, in September 2004 , based on this aim, where more than 10 different companies were represented, from Singapore, China, Dubai, Qatar, Philippines, Australia, India, US, UK, Belgium, France, Romania, Estonia, Italia…, Columbia and Nigeria). We were 20 companies and 23 members.

We can offer a strong reliable network to our customers, with trusted selected members

  • September 2005


    WPG organized its founding Conference in Cannes with the participation of 23 member’s companies, 30 attendees.

  • March 2006


    Second meeting held at DOHA, WPG welcomed 3 new members ( KSA, Germany, Netherlands). 19 companies and 22 people attended to this annual meeting.

  • November 2006


    33 Members attended the conference in Manila, representing 17 countries

  • April 2007

    San Diego

    3 new members (Canada, Pakistan, Sweden). 17 companies and 20 members were at this new event.

  • November 2007


    35 Members from 20 countries attended the Shanghai conference.

  • October 2008

    Lake Como

    28 companies and 32 attendees. We were 2 new members (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Algeria)

  • May 2009


    21 companies and 26 members.

  • November 2009


    Conference held at Miami with 21 companies and 25 members . One new member was welcomed (Djibouti).

  • October 2010


  • November 2011


    Cancun was the place for this new conference with 3 new members (Thailand, Columbia and Nigeria). We were 20 companies and 23 members.

  • September 2012


    We held our General Assembly at Istanbul. 26 companies, 37 members including the 5 new members ( Czech Republic, Egypt, Korea, Dubai, UK).

  • June 2013

    Saint Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg. 27 companies and 36 members. 4 new companies joined us. (Israel, Belgium, Iraq and Romania).

  • March 2014

    Ho Chi Min

    30 companies and 40 attendees attended the meeting at Ho Chi Min.

  • 2015


    29 Members attended the conference in Goa, representing 19 countries

  • 2016


  • 2016


  • 2017

    Punta Cana

  • 2018


    The 2018 AGM was held at the World famous Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. The AGM was attended by 23 members, including new members for Morocco and India.